OM Schooled believes it is an honor to teach kid + teen yoga and offers rigorous but joyful trainings that will enrich any yogi’s life. Our program teaches structure – classroom management, daily lesson plans, and curriculum creation – along with the freedom, fun, and empowerment that comes with youth yoga. We create the space and opportunity to practice teach in order to give our participants a comprehensive and innovative teaching toolbox. There are no prerequisites other than the desire to teach children and a love for yoga. OM Schooled is special because it was born and bred in NYC public schools and has been around for a decade. Participants will leave with a handful of co-created lesson plans and the confidence to use them.

Teenagers are natural seekers, and are also facing more stressors than ever before. For these reasons (and many others!) yoga is great for teens. Yoga gifts teens with tools for calming the nervous system, finding and creating a sense of comfort in their changing bodies, tools for being good friends to themselves, and others. Through yoga, teens will have more skills for facing academic, social, and mental health pressures with greater ease, and moving through the world in a centered, compassionate, skillful way.

Teaching yoga to the teen population is different than teaching younger kids or adults. This 25-hour training with a focus on teaching 12-18 year-olds will arm you with practical tools and reflective experiences for teaching teenagers, whether in groups or privately.

In this 25-hour training, you can expect to explore the following topics:

  • Asana, Pranayama, Meditation for teens and ways to make all these practices accessible
  • How to bring writing + art + creativity into the classroom to encourage heart-centered engagement and use of voice
  • Tools to practice communication in the classroom to build empathy and confidence
  • An understanding of trauma-informed teaching
  • Ways to teach teens yoga’s cultural context, history, and philosophy
  • How to structure a class
  • Ways to utilize tools of yoga for mental health while understanding the boundaries and “scope of practice” of the yoga teacher
  • Ethics for teaching teens
  • Considering gender + identity in the classroom
  • Bringing creativity into your teaching practice
  • Caring for yourself as a teacher
  • Remembering and relating to your own inner teen while maintaining the stance of a compassionate adult leader in the classroom

Teens are on the precipice, engaging in change, AGENTS of change! Help arm them with the confidence yoga brings!

LEAD TEACHER: Sarah Herrington


Friday 1/7: 5:30pm – 8pm EST
Saturday 1/8: 2pm – 6pm EST
Sunday 1/9: 2pm – 6pm EST

Friday 1/14: 5:30pm – 8:30pm EST
Saturday 1/15: 2pm – 6pm EST
Sunday 1/16: 2pm – 6pm EST

LOCATION: Zoom. You will receive a link to join the week before the training begins.

Payment Deadline – December 31, 2021

Early Bird Deadline – December 10, 2021
*For the Early Bird Rate, full payment must be made by the Early Bird Deadline.

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*We are offering a BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) scholarship for this training at 50% of the full cost. Please submit a 1 page essay explaining why you hope to join the Teen Yoga Training, and how this scholarship would be personally and professionally helpful to you. Please submit your essay to Cat at by December 3, 2021. The recipient will be notified by December 10, 2021.

1 month of FREE YOGA CLASSES start the day the program begins. No refunds within 31 days before the program begins and refunds requested more than 31 days before the program begins lose $150 processing fee only.